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Bell Plumbing Logo Lebanon, MissouriBell Plumbing Bathroom RemodelYou make think that if you hire a contractor, you don’t need to worry about how your house is plumbed.  Not always so!  You need to have some basic knowledge about proper plumbing and much of it needs to be pre-planned and thought out ahead of time.

To avoid disappointments and expensive problems later on after your house is finished, Bell Plumbing can sit down with you during a consultation, for a reasonable fee, help you pre-plan your system. In our experience, we have had to redo a lot of shoddy work.  Such as homes that don’t have properly installed vents; waste line running up hill; homes with no shut off except for in a crawl space. Save yourself the heart ache of improperly installed plumbing.

If you hire Bell Plumbing to plumb your house for you, we will include the consultation in the contract.

This is a personal interview, where we sit with you, look at the plans for your new home and personalize it to your needs.


1. What type of piping should I have for my drains and water lines/
2. Who should I have install my gas lines?
3. How big of a water service do I need?
4. Why do I need a pressure regulator on my water line?
5. What do I need to consider when running waste drain lines in my home?
6. What is the proper way to run sewer lines outside the home?
7. What method am I going to use to get hot water?
8. Do I want to preplan for a water softener in my home?
9. Should I have a whole house filter installed?
10. How can my plumbing design be the most functional?
11. Where should I have shut offs in my home?
12. What is a clean out? How much money will I save in the future if they are installed when our home is being constructed?
13. What considerations need to be known in the construction phase regarding choice of fixtures, i.e. tubs, toilets, showers, mud rooms.
Bell Plumbing Remodeled Shower14. Are all toilets created equal?
Bell Plumbing - Sinks installed in City Hall15. What is a mud room and how will it benefit my pets?
16. Why should I insist on having Woodford Model #19 hydrants installed on my home?
17. What is a body spray and would I want one in my shower?
18. What are the advantages of planning to have a walk-in shower in my home design?
19. How affordable is water purifications, such as reverse osmosis?
20. Why should we call Bell Plumbing in planning our plumbing system?  Answer: See the above 19 questions



We Also Now Install Custom Showers to Include ADA!

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