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Code Requirements

winkle_houseThe plumbing system is required by code to keep the home’s occupants safe, including:

  • Automatic anti-scald feature at each shower fixture to keep water from getting too hot.
  • Traps at each fixture to keep harmful sewer gases from leaking into the home. A trap is a curved section of plumbing pipe that seals the pipe to prevent sewer gas from getting into the home. It’s also known as a p-trap.
  • Traps also help prevent unwanted items, such as hair, debris, and rings from going down the drain and getting stuck in the waste system.
  • Drain waste vent pipes are used to push out harmful sewer gases through the roof.
  • Copper piping is the traditional material often used for water supply lines, although some plastic piping materials are gaining popularity and code approval.  What type of plumbing pipes should you put in your house?
  • Many choose copper for its durability, but with the excessive minerals in our water supply, over time damage will occur with normal flow.  When you add heat, such as the hot water side of your plumbing, minerals will become more excited, thus even faster wear and damage.
  • Pex pipe is a synthetic that is unaffected by mineral content.  It doesn’t rust or corrode, resists breaks from freezing, and is quiet (no water hammer).
  • What is the Manabloc system?  Each fixture is fed by its own flexible water distribution line (Pex) which it runs from a central manifold. By providing each fixture with its own distribution line, the line can be sized appropriately so hot water can be delivered more rapidly.  Less water is used to purge the line, which saves time, energy and can reduce water waste by up to 40% and save thousands of gallons of water per year.
  • Also,  you have the ability to turn off water at the problem area instead of the whole house.


Have a consultation; we will walk you through step by step from ground to finish. Bell Plumbing can show you numerous options in designing your plumbing system to be not only functional and useful but beautiful and long lasting.


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