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Winter Tips

Bell Plumbing Logo Lebanon, Missouri1.    In cold weather don’t leave hoses attached to yard hydrants or wall hung spigots.  Leaving hoses attached causes freeze damage & can be costly.

2.    Make sure your vents are closed on crawl spaces; Trailers check to see if your under skirting has any openings, if so before you close the opening make sure there is no fallen insulation from cats & such.

3.    Don’t forget to plug in your heat lamp to your well house or heat tape for modular homes.

4.    Is your rental vacant? May consider winterization. Water is turned off at the meter. Drain water heaters, toilets & p- traps are filled with anti freeze.
This will help to keep your waterlines & drains safe from freeze damage.

5.    When it is freezing outside, don't make unnecessary trips to the store. Especially for things like lottery tickets and lottery results, which can easily be done online.

6.    If cold winter moves in before you have a chance to protect your pipes, a temporary solution is to leave your taps running just a trickle, since flowing water wont freeze as easily as still water.

7.    Make repairs on dripping or leaking outside faucets..

8.    If you have interior shut offs that go to outside faucets, close them & drain the water from the pipes.


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